How much time do I need to give?

It varies a lot and you decide what suits you. Some volunteers help at a single event for a couple of hours, some stay for the whole day and some help for a few hours each month.

What do volunteers do?

Lots of different things, either independently or in a group! You might: help at indoor events like lunches or gift fairs or give talks or visiting children at the hospital who are sick; help at outdoor events like join a group and run events or medical campaign support or food supply or other assistance at disaster affected areas.

Does it matter if I can't volunteer regularly?

No, not at all. Some of our amazing volunteers help at just one or two events each year (like food or medical campaigns).

Do you pay expenses?

Yes. We value your skills and time and don’t want you to be out of pocket. You agree in advance and can claim local mileage or standard class return fares on buses or trains. And also we manage the expenses for food and accommodation if in case the event is far from home place.

Do I need to be a nurse or doctor to participate at medical events?

No. Not at all. Medical events and its help requirements are categorised in different stages. When it requires in medically qualified areas, such as prescribing medicines or giving vaccinations or referring a patient to a hospital for a particular treatment, of course, we required services from qualified nurses and doctors. Otherwise, we always prefer volunteers from college or university students because we strongly believe that students are the next generation that we can build “Future For Kindness” on humanity.

What is my first step?

Check the charity events in your local area and apply by filling the form to register. We will contact you for a chat about what will suit you best.

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